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Mercer Island Garage Doors | How To Show Your Garage Door Some Love

Think of your garage as a large, moveable part. Like all parts, it must be consistently maintained in order for it to function properly. There are a handful of quick and easy steps you can take to help prevent costly repairs. We recommend that you perform these maintenance tasks as needed, but at least every three months.

Lubricate You Door

A noisy garage door can be irritating, but if you follow these helpful tips, cringing at your squeaky door will be a thing of the past. First of all, do not use WD 40 to lubricate any part of your garage door. Instead, use a lithium or silicone spray. Use the lithium or silicone spray to lubricate the top part of the chain rail, the stems, arm bar, hinges, nubs, lock, and metal rollers with ball bearings. However, never spray any lubricant to the bottom part of the door’s chain rail, the chain, the garage door track, or the spring.

Clean the Track

As mentioned in the previous step, you should not lubricate your garage door track. It may seem like the natural solution to a squeaking door or to a door that sticks, but lubricating the track can cause a build up of matter that can actually obstruct the functioning of your garage door.

Okay, so you can’t lubricate your track. What can you do? You can clean your garage door track properly! To properly clean your track, simply wipe the inside of the track with a damp cloth. Then wipe it again with a dry cloth. If, after wiping the track down, there is still a buildup of residue, you may use WD 40 lubricant. Then go over the track once again with a wet cloth followed by a dry cloth.

Install Weather Seals

Make sure to install weather seals to the bottom part of your garage door, in between the door panels, and on the frame of the door. Not only will sealing help prevent moisture inside the garage; it will also cut down your energy bill! Who doesn’t want that???

Realign the Sensors

It is very common for sensors to be moved from their proper position.  A light will generally blink as an indicator whenever your sensors are not aligned correctly. When you see this light, gently push the sensors back into their proper position. When the blinking light changes to a solid light, you know that you have properly readjusted your sensor.

Reset the Garage Door Opener

You know you’re having an issue with your garage door opener when either you’re your garage door stops before it actually connects with the bottom part or if the door begins to close but then stops and reopens. To fix these issues, you need to reset your garage door opener. Each garage door system will have it’s own specific instructions to resets the door opener. However, there are a few common steps to reset any garage door opener. First, unplug the garage door opener. Wait about ten seconds and then plug it back in and turn the power on. Next, press the arrow down button until the garage door closes all the way. Then hit the reset button on the garage door opener.

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